Wireless Charger

  • Wireless chargers allow you to charge devices like smartphones, earbuds, and smartwatches without plugging them in. They use inductive charging technology.
  • Wireless chargers have charging pads or stands you place your device on top of. The pad has an induction coil that creates an alternating electromagnetic field. Charging pads come in various styles from flat discs to angled stands. They often have non-slip surfaces to keep your device in place.
  • A receiver coil in the device takes power from the electromagnetic field and converts it into electrical current to charge the battery. Wireless charging works within a close contact range of a few millimeters. Remove your device from the pad and charging stops immediately.
  • Wireless charging is slower than wired fast charging but very convenient. Just place your device on the pad and charging begins automatically.
  • Smartphones and devices need to have wireless charging built in. Compatible devices include newer iPhone, Android, and Samsung models.
  • Wireless chargers eliminate fumbling with cables and wall adapters. Just set your device on the pad to charge. Great for charging stands next to your bed or on your desk.
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