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  • Wired headphones have padded earcups that completely surround your ears. These earcups rest on your head, helping to isolate and block external noise. This design allows you to focus on the audio privately. The headphones connect to your music device via an audio cable.
  • The wired connection transmits uncompressed high quality stereo sound directly from your smartphone, stereo, TV, or other audio source. Key specs to look for are driver size, frequency response, impedance, sensitivity, and connectivity options like detachable cables or adapters.
  • Wired headphones excel at home and studio listening. The over-ear seal isolates sound while the wired connection delivers pristine high-fidelity audio quality.
  • Models aimed at audio production and monitoring provide very accurate and neutral sound reproduction. More consumer/casual models boost bass for popular music genres.
  • Look for padded earcups, headband comfort, cable length, and controls like volume buttons. Higher-end audiophile models offer premium build and sound.