Using Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers in the Shower

Singing in the shower is a beloved pastime for many, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could sing along to your favorite playlist? With a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you can finally belt out those tunes and listen to podcasts while you wash up. But which speakers actually work in a steamy shower environment? And how can you use them safely? Here’s what to know about using waterproof Bluetooth speakers in the shower.

Choosing a Waterproof Speaker for the Shower

Not all portable Bluetooth speakers can handle shower conditions. Moisture can damage the internal electronics and speakers. Using regular speakers in the bathroom leads to muffled sound or device failure. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is specially designed to prevent water ingress.

What makes a speaker waterproof? It needs both waterproof casing and waterproof components. High-quality waterproof speakers will have:

  • Tightly sealed plastic or rubber casing to keep water out of the inner circuits.
  • Waterproof adhesives to join components.
  • Water-resistant membranes over the speakers themselves.
  • Waterproof charging ports and buttons.

Check the product description and specifications to confirm the speaker has an IPX7 or higher waterproof rating. This means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Also consider shower-friendly design. Small, lightweight speakers are easier to hang up. Integrated carabiners, suction cups, or shower hooks allow you to clip the speaker in place.

Where to Position Your Shower Speakers

Shower layout, size, and acoustics all impact where you’ll get the best sound. But speakers should always be placed at ear level or higher for optimal sound projection.

For large showers, hang the speaker from the shower head using a carabiner, adjustable lanyard, or suction cup hook. The speaker can also adhere directly to smooth tile walls with a suction mount.

In smaller showers, prop the speaker safely on a corner ledge, caddy shelf, or shower niche. Some waterproof speakers float—you can let these drift in a running shower stream.

Use multiple speakers throughout large, multi-head showers. Pair two for true stereo sound. Position one speaker towards each side of the shower area for immersive coverage.

Caring for Your Waterproof Speaker

While these speakers resist splashes, take steps to maximize their lifespan:

  • Always shut off and remove the speaker before deep cleaning the shower with harsh chemicals. Acids and cleaning agents can degrade the waterproofing.
  • Rinse the speaker with fresh water after each use. Soap scum, shampoo, and conditioner residues can gradually damage the waterproof casing.
  • Let the speaker dry out completely between uses. Leaving it wet can allow mold to develop.
  • Recharge regularly. Waterproof speakers still need charging after wet operation.
  • Check the ports and buttons periodically to ensure seals remain intact.

By positioning your speaker clear of direct water streams, it will hold up better over time. But even properly maintained speakers may lose their water resistance after months of use.

Enjoying Shower Time with Your Speaker

Singing in the acoustic chamber of a shower can be amazing—your Bluetooth speaker makes it even better. Follow these tips to enhance your musical shower experience:

  • Create playlists or queue up podcasts specifically for shower listening. Choose energizing, upbeat selections to start your day.
  • Link your speaker to your smartphone via Bluetooth before getting into the shower. This avoids having to handle wet devices.
  • Bring the speaker into the bathroom with you as you get ready so you don’t have to go back and forth.
  • If the speaker has voice control, use it to change tracks hands-free.
  • Consider a waterproof speaker with built-in LED mood lighting to create a spa atmosphere.
  • Invest in multiple speakers to place at different angles for surround sound.

With a durable, well-placed Bluetooth speaker designed for wet areas, you can sing in the shower to your heart’s content. Just be sure to regularly maintain your speaker so it lasts. Then get ready to belt out those tunes as you bathe—your shower audio system awaits!