What are the Best Features of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have become incredibly popular in recent years due to their convenience and portability. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to determine which model offers the best features for your needs and budget. In this article, we will explore some of the most important features to look for when shopping for the best Bluetooth speaker for you.

Sound Quality

One of the most obvious but critical features is sound quality. While Bluetooth audio compression has improved greatly over the years, there can still be a noticeable difference between cheap lower-quality speakers and more expensive premium models. When evaluating sound quality, consider aspects like frequency range, stereo separation, volume maximums, and distortion at high volumes. Generally, larger drivers and multiple drivers can produce better sound, but more advanced components and digital processing also make a major difference. If sound quality is your top priority, focus on speakers built more for audiophiles than portable use.

Volume and Battery Life

Since Bluetooth speakers are made to be portable, most models emphasize volume and battery life. Look for speakers that can play at high volumes for their size without distortion. Battery life varies widely from just a few hours for pocket models to over 24 hours for high capacity options. Consider how long you need it to last between charges for your usage. Some speakers also have replaceable or rechargeable batteries to extend playtime. Volume and battery life are often trade-offs, with louder sound reducing battery duration. Choose based on your practical needs.

Wireless Range

While you don’t want a wireless speaker tethered to your phone or audio source, you also want to make sure it can maintain a solid connection at an extended distance. Low-end speakers may cut out past just 10-20 feet while better models can maintain audio up to 100 feet away or more. This allows you to move freely and place your speaker anywhere within range. Check manufacturer specs for the maximum Bluetooth range since obstructions like walls can reduce effective distance. Newer Bluetooth versions also offer extended wireless range.

Weather and Water Resistance

If you plan to use your wireless speaker outdoors or in wet environments, make sure it has an IP water and dust ingression rating. Models designed for full waterproofing usually have a rating of IP67 or higher, allowing submersion for 30 minutes or more. Not all speakers need to be waterproof, but added protection helps for outdoor use and provides peace of mind. Make sure any waterproof ratings adhere to IP standards for guaranteed protection.

Extra Features

Many Bluetooth speakers also offer bonus features beyond just wireless audio playback. This includes things like built-in voice assistants, scheduling functions, paring multiple speakers, equalizers, speakerphone capabilities, and more. Consider which extra features would enhance your experience or offer the most value. Voice assistants from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allow convenient hands-free control. Sturdy designs and carabiner clips improve portability, while attaching multiple speakers can provide stereo or surround sound. Determine which features fit your preferences.


For true on-the-go use, the speaker size and weight are key factors as well. Small palm-sized speakers weigh just a few ounces and easily fit in a backpack or purse. Larger boombox models take up more space and weigh multiple pounds. Consider the speaker’s dimensions, shape, any included case, and whether it has a lanyard or carabiner for easy attachment. The most portable Bluetooth speakers strike the best balance of sound quality and lightweight compact size.

Ease of Use

To allow convenient wireless playback from any device, the best Bluetooth speakers make pairing and playback control straightforward. Speakers with simpler designs often involve fewer steps to connect and start listening. Convenient playback buttons, intuitive pairing, and detailed manuals help minimize frustration. Speakers with voice assistants, scheduling, and phone apps offer expanded control options. Just make sure primary functions are easy to use out of the box.


With Bluetooth speakers available across a wide range of prices, your budget plays a role in which model makes the most sense for your needs. Inexpensive speakers under $50 provide a basic wireless solution, while premium audiophile speakers cost over $300. Determine how much you want to spend, then look for the best combination of audio performance, features, and design available. More money typically brings better sound quality and volume, extra features, and improved durability. Make sure any speaker you consider delivers good value for the price.


The right Bluetooth speaker provides effortless wireless audio pairing with great sound quality and convenient portability. Prioritize the features and performance factors most important for your usage, whether that is big booming audio, all-day battery life, voice assistant connectivity, or rugged durability. The best Bluetooth speakers balance pleasing sound, portability, intuitive controls, and useful bonus features. Comparing multiple models in detail helps ensure you select the perfect speaker for your money and needs. With so many excellent choices available, you can enjoy great wireless sound anywhere life takes you.