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Professional supplier for wireless Bluetooth speakers, earbuds and headphones

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Professional audio equipment supplier with 8 years of rich wholesale export trading experience.

Product Variety

Offer various styles of wired and wireless Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, headphones, and headsets.

Quality Assurance

Advanced manufacturing equipment and strict testing process ensure products meet the quality standards.

Competitive Pricing

Supplying directly from factory, provide you with the most competitive prices, ensuring your retail profit.

Responsive Service

Multiple sales representatives online to provide you with instant quotes and answer your questions.

Customized Services

We offer logo, print and packaging customization services according to your individual request.

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Reviews from our Wholesalers and Retailers

Tracy B.

"I have 3 digital product stores in Australia. The speakers and earbuds I wholesale from RJ Audio all customize my own logo. Customers love them because their quality is on par with big brands, yet the price is only half or even lower."

M. Holman

"I've imported speakers and headphones from RJ Audio for mnay years, then wholesale them to other retail stores or companies. They have never dissatisfied about the product quality, as these speakers and headphones generate good profit for them."


"The speakers and earbuds produced by RJ Audio are super satisfied, whether in their sound quality or battery life. These products have made much profit for my supermarket. Compared to wired devices, customers prefer wireless ones."